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Top 5 Summer Muskie Fishing Tips

Last updated on August 1st, 2019 at 10:36 am

With a selection of helpful summer muskie fishing tips, you can make the most out of your summertime muskie fishing trips. There is a common myth that fall is the best time to catch musky. If you know what you are doing, and follow our Top 5 Summer Muskie Fishing Tips, you will have no problem catching a few musky at the height of summer.

Are you getting tired of reeling in bass or walleye? At some point, you may want to up your game and go for the bigger prize – tiger muskie and other varieties of this large fish. Learn how to increase your chances of catching musky during the summertime with these summer muskie fishing tips. Also, be sure to stock up your best musky tackle box for the money with good quality muskie tackle.

#1 – Summer Muskie Fishing Tips – Choose the Right Muskie Rod

The first of the summer muskie fishing tips is to select the right rod. Traditionally, anglers have preferred shorter, heavier rods for catching musky, but this tradition is changing.

top 5 summer muskie fishing tips

Musky can be notoriously difficult to catch, which is why there are often referred to as the 10,000-cast catch. Having to constantly recast your rod throughout the day will take its toll on your arms. This is why many are making the switch to longer, lighter rods. This gives you further range and more agility when reeling in a catch.

While a longer, lighter muskie rod is becoming the preferred choice, you still need to ensure it is sturdy enough to bring in a massive tiger muskie. Before you head out to the Wisconsin lakes, or other common tiger muskie fishing spots, make sure that you have the right muskie rod. You can find out more information about catching trophy muskies and selecting the best muskie rod at

#2 – Summer Muskie Fishing Tips – Choose the Right Location

Muskie are not the easiest fish to predict. They have individual personalities and are solitary hunters. This makes it difficult to guess the best location for catching musky. Some musky tend to spend their time along the bottom of the lake, near weeds, waiting for their prey. Others swim in the open, searching for something to eat.

When choosing a location, you may want to start off near weeds or large rock piles. Make it your goal to start from the areas where musky may be able to hide and work your way outward. Since the majority of musky tend to swim around the weeds, this is the best placed to start. Throughout the day, if nothing is biting, work your way outward, towards more open waters, but remain within a good distance of the weeds or rock piles.

#3 – Summer Muskie Fishing Tips – Choose the Right Lure

When it comes to musky lures, you are going to need something large and colorful to attract musky during the summertime; though, you may want to switch between medium-sized lures and a large lure, as you work your way towards the open waters. Near the weeds, you will tire your arms out having to reel in a large lure.

#4 – Summer Muskie Fishing Tips – Choose a Depth and Speed

Trolling tends to be more effective than casting, as long as you choose the right depth and speed. Musky like to swim near the bottom of shallow areas, so that they can strike at walleye and other fish above them. With this in mind, an ideal depth is around 5 to 6 feet in an area with a water depth of 10 to 15 feet. As far as the speed, you want to keep moving, but not too fast. Try to maintain a speed between 6 and 8 miles per hour. Be sure to pick up a top quality fish finder to make your life much easier.

#5 – Summer Muskie Fishing Tips – Proper Musky Reel Techniques

As you troll around, do not just drag your lure along. After several minutes, you should reel in about 30 feet of line, as fast as you can. This will mimic a walleye or other fish darting away quickly. If you do not get a musky to strike, let out your line again. Wait for your line to tighten and then give the line a good, aggressive jerk. Continue this process, while trolling, to boost your chances of getting a tiger muskie or other musky to strike. Using a high quality muskie reel is imperative.

Summer Muskie Fishing Tips – Bonus Tip

Be sure to stock up your favorite musky tackle box only with high quality gear. You don’t want to lose the catch of a lifetime, due to choosing a cheap lure from your musky tackle box. And, when it comes to keeping your lures safe and secure, a big and solid muskie tackle box is also an important tool to have.

Summer Muskie Fishing Tips Conclusion

For seasoned anglers, catching bass and walleye can get tiring. If you are ready for the big catch, use these summer muskie fishing tips to reel in a larger prize.

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