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The Best Fish Finder Under $200 Is A Powerful Little Device

Last updated on August 1st, 2019 at 10:31 am

Guests to our charter boat service often ask us what is the best fish finder under $200. Well, today we help you find one.

How to Find the Best Fish Finder under $200

Find out how to choose the best fish finder under $200. A sonar and depth finder can be an invaluable tool when spending the day on the boat trying to catch some fish. Spending an entire on the water without more than a few bites is never fun.

If you are looking for a solution to catch more fish, learn how to pick the best fish finder under $200.

Features to Look for in the Best Fish Finder under $200

Even though you are looking for the best fish finder under $200 does not mean that you are going to have to settle for an inferior product. By paying attention the main features that you want in a sonar and depth finder, you will get more out of your next boat or kayak trip.

You should look at the GPS system and the power and depth of the sonar. The user interface is another factor to consider, especially if you are not used to operating a GPS unit.

There is nothing wrong with using a fish finder to help you catch fish. Many people are surprised how helpful these little devices are. For example, after using the depth finder, you may discover that some of your regular fishing spots are only a fraction of the depth that you initially thought. These small digital devices can provide a large payoff – in the form of more fish on your next fishing trip.

Best Fish Finder under $200 – Quality GPS and Sonar

The main considerations are the quality of the GPS, sonar, and depth finder. The sonar is used to detect fish in the area, while the GPS creates a map of your location and plots the locations discovered by sonar. The sonar technology will also detect the depth of the lake or river.

Generally, you will want a fish finder with a depth of at least 1,000 feet. Garmin is one of the most trusted names in GPS systems. For the best fish finder under $200, the first product to come to mind is the Garmin Echo 150 Dual-Beam fish finder, with a total depth of 1,300 feet.

Garmin is a well-known manufacturer of GPS systems, both for fish finders and vehicle GPS units. The Echo 150 features a 4-inch screen in crisp grayscale. When you are out in the water, with the sun at your back, you will appreciate the easy to view grayscale.

They bring their same level of quality to the Garmin Echo 150 Dual-Beam fish finder. The depth finder is capable of reaching depths of 1,300 feet.

Best Fish Finder under $200 – Ease of Use and Mounting

Along with GPS, sonar, and depth, you should look at how easy the depth finder is to use. You do not want to spend time messing around with a complicated menu on a small screen. Again, the Garmin Echo 150 has you covered. The screen is easy to read and Garmin has used a simple menu system for navigating the menus. The quick release mount allows you to attach the echo 150 to your boat or kayak without any trouble.

There are other options, when shopping for the best fish finder under $200, such as the highly rated Lowrance Mark-4 Fish Finder and the Humminbird 591 Fish Finder. All three depth finders have a 200 KHz Transducer, but the Garmin Echo 150 feature the furthest depth at 1,300 feet.

The Humminbird 591 has the larger screen, at 5 inches, but the navigation can be a little clunky compared to the Garmin and it only has a depth of around 600 feet.

best fish finder under $200

Final Decisions on the Best Fish Finder under $200

What are you looking for in a fish finder? If you want crisp, accurate images with an easy to use menu, along with a deep depth and high-powered sonar, then consider purchasing the Garmin Echo 150 fish finder. You have many options, but the Garmin surpasses its competition in each of the key categories.