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ORCA Coolers Are Ideal For Fishing

Last updated on August 25th, 2018 at 03:30 pm

Finding a proper vessel to refrigerate and preserve your catch for the day is just as important as having the ideal fishing boat. During my years as a charter boat captain, I have made the mistake of getting marine coolers that would only have a day’s worth of ice retention and ended up spoiling my catch, which ultimately costed me hundreds of dollars! Luckily, I learned from my mistakes with cheap ice chests, and found out about ORCA Coolers after doing some research at Discount Cooler Sales.

About ORCA Coolers

An acronym for Outdoor Recreation Company of America, ORCA coolers truly were constructed for the active outdoor enthusiasts. Cliff Hunter, the father of ORCA was a hunting pro and used his knowledge of hunting and the rugged outdoors to create a cooler that embodies everything an outdoorsman needs.

orca coolers

If you like your hunting and fishing ice chests homegrown in the USA, then ORCA Coolers should definitely be your top choice based on that notion alone. However, other than being manufactured in the USA with American-made parts, there are plenty of other constituents that make ORCA Coolers a prime choice for fishing trips, and my favorite cooler to take with me during my biggest and profitable catches.

ORCA Coolers – Prime Construction

The outdoors can often be unpredictable, but your cooler doesn’t have to be. The Roto-molded construction means that even the most intense weather patterns can’t phase the ORCA Cooler. I once went on a fishing trip off of the Michigan lakeshore during a particularly brutal hailstorm. The hail managed to put a couple dents in my boat, but didn’t make even a scratch on my ORCA! It was after that when I knew that my ORCA was built for the long term in mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if I am able to pass down this ORCA to my future great-grandkids for when they are old enough to go on fishing trips with my sons and grandkids. The prime construction of ORCA Coolers is used to make them generational.

ORCA Coolers – Ice Retention

The extra thick, polyurethane insulation is what makes this probably the best insulated marine cooler on the market. In comparison to other ice chests, ORCA’s definitely are top contenders for the best ice retention. Even four-day fishing or hunting trips with non-stop UV exposure doesn’t melt all of the ice in your ORCA. My longest fishing trip was a 5-day catch off of the Florida coast, and even with the sun rays beaming directly on it, I still managed to have half of the ice in my ORCA, by the trip’s end!

ORCA Coolers – Plenty Of Useful Accessories

ORCA is not just a cooler brand, they are actually a lifestyle brand that is made specifically for the outdoorsmen. I say this because they sell a large variety of accessories that cater everything from the novice outdoorsmen to the pro outdoor enthusiast. For example, the most important part about a boat cooler is that they have to be able to adhere well to the boat’s surface, because boats are always wet and in motion. It is for this reason that ORCA sells many different accessories to give your ORCA Cooler an iron grip onto your boat. They sell everything from “Sticky Feet” to add to your cooler or a non-slip cooler pad. Even if you don’t get any accessories that are add-ons for your cooler, they offer exciting ORCA products, such as products for your canine companion and even a line of their own sunglasses called “Croakies.”

ORCA Coolers – Wide Variety of Sizes & Colors

ORCAs range in a plenty of different sizes for a multitude of different outdoor activities. You can get a 20 QT cooler for personal trips to 140 QT coolers for huge get-togethers, or anything in-between. When it comes to the color of coolers, they typically don’t deviate from the typical color of white, tan or camouflage for the avid hunters. However, ORCAs appeal to the masses with a range of different colors offered, including different team colors for you to tap into your school’s spirit.

Give Back While Buying

Although ORCAs seem like they are up there in the price range, they are well worth it, in terms of amazing components and reliability. In addition, ORCA excels in philanthropy, with each purchase giving back part of the sales to charity organizations that support conservation groups, breast cancer research and wounded warrior programs.

All in all, ORCAs are my top choice for a reliable and high-end cooler to take on my fishing trips. If you are looking for an ice chest that will far exceed your expectations, then this is it. Check out ORCAs website. Or, check out the various colors, sizes, and prices now.

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