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OPT7 Lighting Took My Boat To A Whole New Level

Last updated on August 25th, 2018 at 03:30 pm

In addition to the recent SeaStar boat steering system upgrade, I also made an investment in a new lighting system for my boat to improve my bow lights, as well as my interior LED lights. Whether out fishing, or on a pleasure cruise, I felt that my boat needed an upgrade to the lighting system. After extensive research as to which lighting system to choose, I decided on the OPT7 Lighting products.

Why choose OPT7 LED Lights? Well there are many reasons: OPT7 lights are brighter, the LED strips are longer, they stay dry eliminating shorts, and they last almost forever (a really long, long time).

I will describe in the next section some more details about why you should use these brand of lights, and why they have taken my charter boat to a new level of lighting.

OPT7 Lighting For Boats

I was a bit nervous at first when shopping for new lights for my boat, because I wanted to make sure that I didn’t buy an inferior product. Thankfully, after having installed the OPT7 lighting products, I couldn’t be happier. What really helped me decide was the great info I found about the lights on I chose to install both new bow lights and interior LED lights. Allow me to explain each to you and outline why I am so pleased with the OPT7 Lighting that I bought.

When it comes to marine vessels, bow lighting is very important. OPT7 Lighting has the HID and LED system to fit your needs.

1. If you fish at night, these bow lights will help you catch more fish as they are very very bright.
2. The LED strips are larger, brighter, and have more lights that other companies.
3. The lights stay dry because they are sealed with marine grade silicone, ensuring they stay dry.
4. The lights are rated to 50,000 hours of use which is a long time.
5. The lights will not yellow over time.
6. The lights are super easy to install.
7. If purchasing the navigation bow lights, they conform to all coast guard requirements for distance as well, this is something that is very important as well.

With regard to the interior lighting, the performance of the OPT7 Lighting is equally as effective.

1. The LED colors are brilliant and bright.
2. The aura lighting strips can bend and twist to any surface.
3. Installation is quick and painless.
4. The lights are of top quality, and durable.

opt7 lighting

The OPT7 Lighting kits are very nice, because they include all items you need, and are easy to install. The cost is very affordable, and to put it simply the quality is excellent.

I cannot believe how much brighter they are than my old lights, and how much better they make my boat look and perform. They are great after dark, and to be perfectly honest I made a mistake in not doing this upgrade a long time ago. It seems to be a no-brainer to me for the little amount of money that it actually cost me.

I am also going to investigate the OPT7 Lighting for my towing vehicle as well. I understand they make a full line of products for vehicles. If the performance is anywhere near what it is for my boat, I may invest some money to upgrade my vehicle’s lighting system soon.

Before you decide to change your boat’s lighting, be sure to check out the laws regarding boat navigation lights in your area.

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