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How to Pick a Fishing Charter

Last updated on August 1st, 2019 at 10:37 am

A memorable fishing expedition is all about catching your favorite fish and having fun in the ocean or lake. To make your fishing trip successful and enjoyable, it is utmost important to pick a good fishing charter with the best charter captain. Fishing charters are an ideal option for spending a couple of hours or days on the ocean or lake without worrying about things like fuel costs, tackle and equipment, or finding the fish. Below are tips and advice on how to pick a fishing charter.

Picking the right fishing charter determines whether you will have a great day on the water or a frustrating one. So it is necessary to put some thought and research into it while deciding on a charter that offers the best fishing experience on your budget.

How to Pick a Fishing Charter

There’s no shortage of choices when it comes to selecting a fishing charter for you. With so many options, finding the right one for you can be difficult at times. Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up a list of things you need to consider while booking a fishing charter.

How to Pick a Fishing Charter: Fishing Style

The kind of fish you want to target plays an important role in choosing a fishing charter. For example, is the targeted fish a freshwater or saltwater type? Many charters are specialized in specific styles of fishing. You need to consider these specialties when picking a charter: reef and wreck fishing; flats and backcountry fishing; inshore and off shore fishing; or night fishing.

How To Pick Fishing Charter Captain

You might not know how to determine whether the charter captain is good or not. Selecting a good fishing charter captain is not that hard. You need to make sure that you choose a seasoned captain who has a good track record and wealth of local knowledge. Many fishing charter captains work as part time fishermen for extra cash on the weekends or holidays. Choosing a full-time professional has its advantages. An experienced captain can predict the local waters and fish behavior more precisely than a part-time captain.

How to Pick a Fishing Charter: Location

Find a charter that’s near to where you are staying. There’s no point in traveling across the city when there’s charters available just down the road. Getting to the spot early in the morning is hard no matter how close you are staying.

How to Pick a Fishing Charter: Safety

It is an important factor to consider when choosing your fishing charter. Check about the insurance liability coverage of the charter before boarding. Make sure the charter is fitted with life jackets or personal flotation devices (PFD).

Inquire if the fishing captain has adequate knowledge about First Aid and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) treatment. Finally, you also need to check the weather condition before you leave.

How to Pick a Fishing Charter: Boat

The success of your fishing trip will largely depend on the size and condition of the boat. A bigger boat not only gives you comfort and space, it also has the better seaworthiness than any smaller boats. Bigger boats are more stable and can sail smoothly on the water. Smaller boats are considered less stable and have limited space to accommodate people and equipment.

How to Pick a Fishing Charter: Budget

Let’s face it, cost is an important factor. Smaller boats have room for 2-4 fishermen; while a large boat can accommodate up to six persons. A 4-hour fishing trip in a small fishing boat can cost you around $200-$400. If you are looking for a longer trip (8-hour) you might have to shell out $1000-$1200. So you need to choose the fishing charter according to your budget and requirements.

By picking a good fishing charter you are sure to save time, money, and most importantly, you will be able to enjoy your fishing trip without worrying about anything.


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